Taking Care of Sick Kids With A Phone Call

Every time my son had something wrong with him health wise...I would call my mother or grandmother for advice.  Unfortunately their knowledge although helpful sometimes was 20-50 years old and the latest advice and practices will want to be followed.  Following advice on the internet depending on the website can also be tricky…just think your ex-wife’s attorney having you on the stand and you did what because you saw it on a website.

Best advice when your child is sick at night is to take out your insurance card and flip it over, there should be a nurse hotline. If there isn't call and ask what the number is for the nurse hotline. Nurses are available 24/7 and they give great advice no matter what the situation is. Always document the advice given and the actions you took. The hot line is free and you have just spoken to a professional.


Getting Your Kids To Eat Their Veggies

What happens when a child doesn't eat their veggies.  Mineral and vitamin deficiencies as well as constipation which leads to lead to other long term issues.  My son has an extremely hard time pooping and when he does these are toilet clogging Guinness Book worthy poops.  I can only control what he eats at my house and he does eat his veggies and here is how.

1) Hold a Baby Carrot

This is great technique when they are hungry, just ask them to hold it.  They don't have to eat it.  Daddy needs you to hold this for a few minutes.  They can eat with the other hand.  Soon that one carrot will be eaten.  The Baby Carrot technique works great on road trips. 

2) Where Veggies Come From

It really is amazing that plants grow from the energy given off by the sun.  Photosynthesis is the process of turning the suns light rays into energy.   Make it sound amazing to your kids...this green bean is here because it harnessed the power of the sun.  Superman gets his powers from the sun.  All of life's existence comes from this small vegetable, this is what other animals eat and what we eat.

3) Something Hidden in Snap Peas

Building anticipation with food to show how cool it is.  Taking the snap pea apart slowly reveals the pea but its the slow reveal that makes the pea special. I try to drum up the anticipation, from snow /snap peas to artichokes...there is something so cool inside.  When my son is done all the seeds are eaten I ask him to eat a few of the casings and mission is accomplished.

4) Handling the "I don't like it" Excuse

"Your not suppose to like it, your suppose to eat it" is always my answer.  No one would ever be overweight if veggies tasted like Ice cream.  Its not forcing them to eat...never do that.  Instead just don't give them an excuse or a way out. Making mac and cheese instead or letting them eat something else only gives them the ability to pull it again on another new food.