Potty Training

Unfortunately I didn’t have a co-parent that was on the same page as me and thought he was too young to start potty training before he was three.  So I had my son potty trained early but he found a way he could revert back to wearing a diaper it made things difficult.  My son was a huge fan of the Incredibles and called me Mr. Incredible.  So I purchased a costume for myself and my son to dress up as Mr. Incredible and his son dash but only if he pooped on the potty.  The costume sat in the bathroom for a month and then one day when I was wearing my costume it came the poop heard around the world...it was huge...but it had more meaning than that.  
In speaking with his teachers at school they had trouble getting him to poop on the potty so I brought in my son’s costume.  They told me that if my son has to wear a costume than the entire class would have to wear one.  So I purchase masks for all the kids and when you picked your child up if they were wearing a mask you knew they pooped in the potty.  Sometimes the solutions are so simple.