Coping with The Ex-Wife

If you went or are going through a divorce one of the hardest things to deal with day in and day out is dealing with the ex.  It does get'll realize it gets easier the sooner you change and not your ex.  What I mean when I say that is that how you react and how you handle non-rational behavior.       

Dealing with the ‘other parent’ is nearly always difficult – at least in the initial years. There are the inevitable disagreements over things like discipline, constant niggles about access, and a thousand-and-one worries to keep you awake at night.

Not to mention the pain of whatever drove you apart in the first place and your incredible, heart-rending love and concern for the little ones in the middle of it all. 

Some divorcing fathers confront situations where their children's mother misrepresents to the court what has happened. In those cases, communication by email or using recordings of exchanges can help to keep things on track.  

Steps for Dealing With Your Own Emotions

1) Focus your time and energy from worry to planning the next time you will be with your child.

2) Protect yourself, film or record your interactions so that you are never falsely accused

3) Limit your interactions and verbage

4) Never react - document for later

5) Act the way you want to be treated

If your child does something you are proud of (ride a two weeler) and you got to see it, take a photo and send it to the ex.  If the situation was reversed you would want to see it as well.  Will the action be returned in my situation not yet but if I ever go back to court my documentation will speak for itself and that makes for some restful nights.