Growing up I had a large family in New Jersey and New York City, and growing up on Long Island, family visits were an hour away at least.  My family is even farther from me and my son so before a visit here are some things you can do:

  • Review photos, tell stories, Skype with the cousins prior to the visit (could even be a month ahead of the visit) it just builds up the excitement.
  • Discuss the place where the family lives, state, city, a little bit about the history, landmarks about the site (Google it).
  • Long Trip find out some good eats along the way and have the kids pick a place to eat at to try the famous food/burger etc.

Holiday: if your traveling on a holiday, memorial, veteran’s, President’s day…take a few minutes to tell your kids why that holiday (religious as well) is special to you and how grateful you are to be sharing that day with them.