When daddy tells you to do something…you do it


We have very strict rules in my home but there aren't many to remember and my son acts very different at my home than his mother’s.  The rules are simple;

  • When you come home you hang up your coat and take off your shoes
  • No potty language outside the potty
  • No food outside the kitchen
  • When daddy tells you to do something…you do it

I don’t ask him to do much, he helps me cook and get ready for meals, he is excited to do things with me and at the end of the night he never wants to take a bath or go to bed.  Getting him out of bed is easy we race to see who will get dressed the fastest.  I try to keep the experience fun and exciting.  When my son does not want to do what I asked and this doesn’t happen too often a time out happens right then and there.  In the bathroom for a few minutes on a stool.  Sometimes when I wanted him to eat and try certain veggies I wouldn’t let him out until he agreed to eat it.   Food wars is a waste…I learned my son likes carrots and broccoli…I don’t fight anymore I just give him those, he gets his veggies and we have a peaceful meal and I eat the brussel sprouts.