Dinner Ideas For You And The Kids

1) Come up with a game plan, i.e. Tuesday is Pizza Night, Wednesday is tacos night, etc.  It makes shopping easier, planning easier and gets rid of stress.  Plus it'll give your kids something more to look forward to.

2) Papa Murphy's Pizza - weekly $10 special for any large including stuffed which can easily become two meals.  Note - can stick it in the fridge for baking another night.

3) Find the "Kids eat free" deals at local restaurants: http://www.mykidseatfree.com/

4) Buy a crock pot.  The recipes are incredibly easy, i.e. still a whole chicken, some vegetables, and salt/pepper in the morning; let it cook all day; have a fantastic meal at night.  Here's a good site: http://www.familyfreshmeals.com/2014/08/30-easy-crockpot-recipes.html

5) Shop at Costco or Sams - big savings if you shop smart.  Freeze accordingly, per your plan.

6) Sandwiches are cheap and easy.  Spruce them up by buttering the outside and grilling.  Grilled PB&J's are amazing too.

7) Make breakfast on weekends a big deal.  It's easy, cheap and can taste amazing.  French toast with powdered sugar, extra cheesy scrambled eggs, or Dunkin Doughnuts are a quick way to a kids heart