our goal is to make every solo dad the best father they can be.   

And it doesn’t matter why you’re solo.   


  • Maybe you’re going through a separation;
  • Maybe you’ve been divorced for years;
  • Maybe you lost a spouse.

No matter the situation that got you reading this in the first place, the rules don’t change. Being a single parent is tough. But we’re here to help you through it. Guy to guy. (And occasionally with a little female input thrown in.)


Support for The Divorced (OR Soon To Be) Father 

We are Solo Daddies.

Riding the rollercoaster that is single parenthood.
We are the ones who left. 
And the ones who were left. 

And it doesn’t matter why we’re single.
Only that we are.
But just because we’re alone,
Doesn’t mean we have to go it alone. 
So let’s share stories. And hints. And tips.
About raising good kids.
And getting through bad divorces.
About being a fun dad. 
Even when you have to be the not-so-fun dad.
Because while we’re doing it the best we can, 
we can always be doing it a little better. 
We are SoloDaddyO. 
Glad you stopped by.