Keeping yourself in a balanced lifestyle is essential to keeping your sanity.  Focusing your free time on the following legs; staying in shape, working on your car/home, friends, dating and the time you have with your children will allow you to be more stable during the tough times.  As a consultant when I had clients things kept me busy and when I didn’t I focused on my other businesses and products.  If I just had one consulting job and lost it, I would be lost.  I look at the legs as the legs to a table if you take two away the table is coming down…but the more legs you have the more stable the table is.  The more balanced you can distribute your weight across the many plates we all have to juggle the more focused you will be mentally to take on any challenge.

Having no motivation to work out or exercise I signed myself up for a few 5K races…and did them…I trained for them.  After the first one I trained harder.   Running is simple, easy and anyone can do it…if not running you can do pushups, pull-ups and lastly get a personal trainer.  The better off you are physically the better you can also handle the stress of the divorce and the trials and tribulations of life.  

I also learned to eat much much healthier I have reduced a lot of sugar from my diet and that also reduces my stress and frustration that come with custody battles.  Plenty of sleep, exercise and eating healthy…pretty easy right…wrong.  I tried but keeping a full time job and all of that with a balanced lifestyle it was exhausting so I got some help and it paid off.  I hired a cook (who ended up opening her own restaurant…need another) and I hired a maid.  The cook cost me $40 a week to cook meals for the week, too good to be true and she cleaned up the kitchen afterward.  The maid she costs me $80 every two weeks.  I signed up for a personal trainer $400 for 10 sessions…gets me back into things when I fall off the wagon.  It’s amazing how something so small can jump start you back into a regular routine.  When you live in a pigsty it’s hard to find the motivation to clean…same when your fat or when your behind in work and you grab a frozen meal instead of a healthy fresh home cooked one.  For under $1K you can become a new man in no time…showing up to court organized or your kids school, in shape and stressed free will pay dividends Mr. Super Cool SoloDaddyO ;)