Sleeping and Napping

Nap and Sleep

When my son was not even a year old my ex moved out.  We both agreed to breast feed my son for 6 months but that soon became 18 months.  She was able to nurse him to bed and I was left with an upset crying baby who I had to learn how to put to sleep.  In the beginning I did give him a bottle then a cup to assimilate to the nursing but then I quickly moved to a rocking or monotone voice reading the same few books and placing my finger on his head and nose which when your eyes look at the finger they close, the object is too close.  

Reading to my son always gets him to go to sleep.  I start off by reading with the lights on but then by the third book he is cuddled with his eyes closed (lights out, using a book light).  When I see him getting tired I’ll switch to reading an old calculus or physics text book and just like his dad…asleep in no time.

If you have the option and as much as you have the opportunity be sure to make sure your kids wake up early and don’t have any sugar (no candy and small desserts).  I do let my son have candy on occasion but not at night - try not to keep it in the house and keep it out of sight and out of mind.

When he sleeps; I always speak to him and reiterate a message to him it’s a personal message but it’s one that tells him he will become a great leader when he grows up and he will always be kind to others, listen to others, be super strong, super fast ...he says some things now he gets older he just says “I know…”.  


On weekends I had to tire him out, this wasn’t my intention; my original intention was to teach a 6 month baby to swim by age 2 my son was swimming on his own.   Each Sunday morning I would take him to the community center and apply a few techniques over and over again.   After 45 min by the time I got my son back into the car dressed he was asleep.  My son’s naps would last for 2-3 hours when he was younger (I miss those days).  

Car Rides

Keep them comfortable and you have a well rested kid that by the end of the car ride will be ready for the day’s adventure.  Many times I would also just park and let him sleep.  So many times I wanted to take him to a college wrestling match and he would fall asleep early…I never woke him and didn’t buy tickets and just headed back home…again don’t force it and the power of a nice car ride is a great thing.