Have a Themed Weekend

My son said to me “when I become a Daddy I will laugh all the time.” I said, “Do I laugh all the time?” He said yes. I think I look forward to the time with my son so much that when it arrives I’m grinning ear to ear. 

Here are some tips on how to turn each weekend with your child into an amazing weekend. 

Step 1) Pick a Theme  - Activity

My son and I always read at least one bedtime story. (Of course, that one has grown to three.) And there’s always a theme to it. Example: when I took my son on a canoe, we read stories about canoes. When we read a story about frogs, I took him down to a pond to find some real-life ones. The stories became real, and he loved it.   

What I’ve learned is this. When you read a story to your child about, let’s say, planes, and then you take them to the airport to watch the planes…you have taught your child about a subject (making you the smart Dad)…then helped them physically see it (making you the cool Dad). Boom. Combining the learning with the doing just created an amazing hands-on
weekend with your kids. Beyond that, it sets an example that they will respect and want to emulate.  

I’ve got examples here for great activities. But feel free to add your own. Seriously. I’m always up for new ideas myself.