Grade Schooler

Don't be afraid to discipline.  Your daughter can still be "Daddy's little girl" while sticking to the rules.

Don’t worry about they’re clothes choices (within some amount of reason).  If they want to wear neon yellow socks and blue shorts, let them.  This is an extension of their personality and allows them to make choices. Only caution is with girls and ensuring their skirts and tops stay appropriate and best represent your daughter.

Setting clear limits, i.e. expectations and consequences in the long run will help your kids learn how to set boundaries when they’re older.

Your kids will try to wear you down with the same questions over and over and over in order to get their way.  Stick to your guns.

Take a cooking class. As they get older, the nutritional needs of girls differ from boys. You'll need to find creative ways to make sure she gets enough calcium and iron.