10+ reasons to date a single dad

1. He gentle, kind, patient and a pretty good listener.

2. He loves kids and he’s good with them.

3. He’s emotionally mature. He understand what it means to have someone depend on him.

4. Solo dads with kids are role models, managers and leaders.

5. He's protective.  Always creating a safe environment for those he cares about.

6. He clearly loves and cares for others. And has no issue showing his emotion here.

7. Single dads can handle the messiness and craziness that comes with kids.

8.  He's handy. He can fix just about anything. IKEA furniture, Barbie castles, Legos, and toilets---no problem.

9. He’s for a woman with qualities, i.e. good judgement, caring, has kids, and funny.

10. He’s not selfish.  Kids come first.  Period.

11. Dance-party night is cool (with 8 year-olds).  And so is drawing fish and baseball games and milkshakes at Sonic's happy hour.

12. He always takes the high road.  Even when it's painful being extra nice to his ex. (and she doesn't deserve it).

13. Meeting his kids..and the kids approval is a big deal.

14. Free weekends, i.e. no kids, is just a bonus