Religious Holiday/ Events with your Church/Synagogue

Without my family in the same city, my place of worship has become a surrogate family. Keeping their calendar in sync with mine allows me to see which of their events I can go to with my son. If there is an event I will take him to, I always preface it with an explanation of why we pray and do the traditions we do. And show my enthusiasm for doing it.  It’s a simple way to show my son that there is a group of people bigger than just us who are there to support us, even if we don’t know each of them personally.  

NOTE: Sometimes there are so many people at these events my son is overwhelmed. But I’ve discovered that when my son is surrounded by people he knows, it’s not that intimidating. So before he can have any cookies at these events (because cookies at these things are always pretty much a given) he has to introduce himself to the “cookie distributors”.  And it’s something we don’t reserve for just religious services: we do this at Costco as well…my son is very shy and clinging to me…could be a result of the divorce but before we get a sample to try and eat we always introduce ourselves and ask the person what their name is. It’s a great way to build confidence and raise a confident, friendly kid.