Life as you know has challenges, going through a divorce as an example…so prepare your children for them, mentally and physically.  Life continues weather you feel like getting up or not, you have responsibilities to meet weather you have a job or not.  I went through a divorce without a job and soon sold my furniture and worked any job I could to keep up with the mounting debt.  Handling any type of obstacle is easier if you can handle a physical obstacle first.   The child can see that there are key things that need to be done to accomplish them; practicing a sport, dance move and an instrument is teaching a lesson; showing them that they can get to that next level.  

When my son was 18 months I filmed him trying to play on a swing set that was too big for him.  I didn’t want him to quit and I always told him and spoke to him.  As you see your child struggling you always want to help them…it was so hard to film since I really wanted to help him.  When I was teaching him to swim I had to take away my hand that was holding him up and  I physically couldn’t.  We never want our children to be hurt or struggle but in the end it really is how they learn and grow.  To this day my son and I hit a computer print out of the Notre Dame motto…Play Like A Champion.  What is a Champion?  If you ask my son it was one of the first things he ever memorized…a champion doesn’t quit or cheat and gives it everything you got.  I’m not sure if he knew what it meant until he watched Cars and he saw the other car cheat and Lightning McQueen not quitting even without tires.  

Physical challenges are endless with a lot of small victories…each week getting more push ups done or learning another piece on an instrument.  These challenges are rewarding for both father and child.