I was excited to become a father. And (probably) like you, I was nervous but excited. Yep, I sometimes pictured his graduation day or sports moments before he was even born. From the time my wife said “I’m pregnant,” I had all these grand ideas of what our life would be like. I would educate him. Raise him. Show him the world. But the life you imagine isn’t always the life you realize. And I learned that too quickly. Shortly after my son was born, my wife and I got divorced.

When I spend time with my son, I try really hard to cherish every minute I have with him and do everything I can to ensure that his memories of me are lasting and influential. And it’s funny. My career has taught me in spades about how to teach adults and modify their behavior. But I went into being a single dad not having a clue about kids. Sure, a lot comes naturally. It’s simple behavior that guides us to be providers. To love unconditionally. But what happens when the little person you have that unconditional love for gets a fever? Or wants to do something fun on the weekend? What happens when you want to start dating?

That’s when you might need a little help. That’s when you might need this site.

I’m going to share with you all the tips, tricks and techniques I’ve learned and practiced to become an amazing single father—all while holding down a career and social life. I’ve found out that even when you think you’re starting at a pretty big deficit, be it emotional or financial, you CAN have it all. And it starts by being the coolest. Dad. Ever.